Selected Discography


The Craig Pedersen Quartet


Released 16 April 2015


Craig Pedersen, trumpet
Linsey Wellman, alto saxophone
Joel Kerr, double bass
Eric Thibodeau, drums

The Craig Pedersen Quartet’s third release, Ghosts, is a contemplative work, exploring themes of darkness, suffering and the pleasure of ensuing release. Coming in at just under 18-minutes, the album is musically concentrated. Like running with weights, the musicians are squeezed to their limits, forced to express within tight constraints. The results are uncontrolled saxophone wails, soaring bass melodies, and explosive drumming all reigned in by Pedersen’s haunting trumpet playing and compositions. This is music that shows that from here, we need not answer to our suffering, but see that it has stood in front of something all along.

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Other People’s Art


Other People's Art

Released 15 November 2013


Craig Pedersen, trumpet, piccolo trumpet, slide trumpet and composition
David Broscoe, alto and baritone saxophones.
Mark Molnar, cello
Scott Warren, drums

Playing compositions inspired by Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, John Cage.

Facilitated and recorded by Craig Pedersen
Mixed and mastered by Mark Molnar


Why Paint at All?
The Craig Pedersen Quartet


released 28 October 2013

Craig Pedersen, trumpet, composition
Linsey Wellman, alto saxophone
Joel Kerr, double bass
Mike Essoudry, drums

Reflections on Why Paint at All? by Mark Rothko

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It’s a Free Country
Craig Pedersen and Joel Kerr

released 09 June 2013

Craig Pedersen – trumpet
Joel Kerr – bass

It’s a Free Country is bridge between country music and free improvisation, both to the listeners and performer, providing a vehicle for expression and connection not always otherwise available independently in these styles. It’s A Free Country exemplifies this approach – ranging from beautiful arranged melodies, to interjections of extended techniques, to raucous free playing, often treading the line between deadly serious and humourous.

Recorded by Craig Pedersen

Mixed and mastered by Matt Ouimet

Except Crazy, recorded and mixed by Matt Ouimet, and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova at Bovasound

Cover art by Dave Cooper (
Back cover design by Jamie Breiwick (

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Craig Pedersen & Taylor Brook


released 21 March 2013

Craig Pedersen – trumpet
Taylor Brook – guitar

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Taylor Brook.

March 2013 at the Columbia University University Music Centre, NYC
Cover by Craig Pedersen

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Live in Silence


released 18 January 2013

Craig Pedersen, trumpet
Patrick Lampron, tenor saxophone
Dominic Gobeil, guitar
Joel Kerr, double bass
Eric Thibodeau, drums

recorded July 27th, 2012 at Bar Les Pas Sages, Montreal, QC

recording, mixing and mastering by Paul Johnston

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Grey Areas #1-9
solo trumpet


released 10 October 2011

Craig Pedersen, solo trumpet, composition, recording, album design

Matt Ouimet, mixing and mastering








Days Like Today
The Craig Pedersen Quartet


Craig Pedersen – trumpet
Linsey Wellman – saxophone
Joel Kerr – double bass
Mike Essoudry – drums
released 29 November 2011

Recorded, mixed and co-produced by Matt Ouimet at Resonator Studios in Ottawa, ON.

Mastered by Phil Shaw Bova at Bovasound in Ottawa, ON

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