Days like Today liner notes #3: Points from Centre

Hello everyone! Here are the liner notes #3: Points From Centre, from the new Craig Pedersen Quartet CD: Days Like Today.

The CD will be officially released Tuesday Nov 29th, 8PM, at Club Saw in Ottawa. Tickets are $12/$7 at the door, or $10 in advance. You can preorder the record and tickets online at and as of Tuesday the 29th, buy online at
Anyways, here are two little bits about pieces from the new record.

Points from Centre

Points from Centre is a nearly non-sensical piece. I wanted to write something waltzy and inspired by Ornette Coleman. I wanted something very fast and challenging to play, so that it always sounded like it was falling apart.

Think of Ornette Coleman’s “Eventually” as a point of departure:

The approach to the trumpet solo is something new to the piece for this recording. It’s a conducted improvisation. I used hand signals and body language to show Mike and Joel what to play in the moment. There is a really great video of this on YouTube where you can see me waving my arms around. It was a great challenge to record because I had to stay on the microphone the whole time.

I’m really happy with the way the tune turned out on the record, and that we had a chance to feature Mike’s playing.

Listen to the studio version here: