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B-Side Graphics

Hey –

Today I want to do a quick shout-out to B-Side Graphics. As many of you know, when Joel Kerr and I made It’s a Free Country, the beautiful cover was illustrated by Dave Cooper. However, what you may not know, is the back of the album cover was designed by a fellow named Jamie Breiwick, a phenomenal trumpet player and graphic designer in Milwaukee, Wi.

Jamie and I met on the internet about a year and a half ago. He bought my CD, then I bought his, then he bought mine, and then I bought his. Basically we passed the same twenty bucks across the border for a year. His trumpet playing and music is unreal. Check it out below.


Shortly after we met, Jamie announced that he was starting a design company called B-Side Graphics, and Joel and I were looking for someone to design the back of the album. Jamie was just building his portfolio, but I could tell right away that his work was that of an artist. As a designer, he truly understands historical jazz record design, and matches it will his own creativity and design skills. Furthermore, not only is his professional demeanour flexible and easygoing (especially given that sometimes I’m a pain to work with!), AND his work keeps getting better. (I will add, too, that I feel the same way about his trumpet playing – gets the history, has tons of skill, brings his artistry too it, and is better and better everytime I hear him.)
So, with this in mind, I wholeheartedly recommend Jamie’s work. Below are just a few of his recent posters. Check out his website and more of his work at



Sometimes a Mind is Just Born Late

It takes a long time figure things out, and
Sometimes a mind is just born late.

Craig Pedersen: Trumpet/Voice
Mark Molnar: Cello

Live at UMI Cafe, Sunday, February 16th, 2014, for IMOO #95

Mark Molnar:
Craig Pedersen:


free: craig pedersen sampler


Announcing the craig pedersen sampler. 6 tracks from my last 6 albums, for free download in any format of your choice! Have a listen below or download it at

If you like any of the music, please consider buying the albums! You’ll find the digital albums VERY affordable around $7/ea, both at Bandcamp and iTunes!


Flux: Digital

Hi —

Just wanted to let you know that Flux, the trumpet and guitar duo album I made with Taylor Brook is now available for digital download and online listening, for just $7.  Please consider supporting this project! If you see me live, I’ll also have it in painted-postcard-download-code format.

Have a listen!


Flux: Ultra-limited edition CD [Sold out]

I was in New York last week, I recorded at a new improvised duo album, FLUX, with my composer/guitarist friend Taylor Brook at the Columbia University Computer Music Center.  It’s a super awesome sounding disc, and we made a super limited run of 10 with really awesome hand-painted cases.  I’ve already sold most of them, so there are only 3 left.   It’s 20 minutes of super intense music.

We’re selling them for $20 + shipping.  I will personalize it for $30 + shipping.  Email me at if you would like a copy.

Click here to hear a sample, and click the images below to have a better look.



Craig Pedersen – trumpet
Taylor Brook – guitar, recording

Recorded March 14th, 2013 at the Columbia Computer Music Center, New York City.


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